Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is Coming.

I'm sitting on the sun porch of my Minnesota home (one of my favorite places in the entire state). The leaves are starting to change. The mornings are getting cooler each day. I'm pulling out my warmer clothes and getting ready for Autumn. I went for a great run this morning and wore long sleeves. I barely broke a sweat because the air was crisp and clean. No humidity...no heat. Lots of sunshine, but definitely not heat. Fall is in the air. WAIT A MINUTE...

It's September 1st. That's one day past August! The kids aren't even back in school yet. What the heck is fall doing here already? I know...it's gorgeous. I totally get that. It is! The leaves, the feel of the air...but summer just got here. Seriously...if winter comes as quickly as fall....well, I'm protesting.

I now live in a place that is full of people who endure 11 months of winter in hopes that they might survive long enough to see if summer maybe shows up...if even for a day or two.

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