Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going Home.

I'm nine hours from being home. In N Out. Sushi. Sleeping in my own bed. Buggy. Mom's breakfast. 70 degrees warmer than it is here. I'm excited...but I'm kind of sad. Who thought I would ever miss this frozen tundra. I already do and I'm not even gone yet.

Crap. This is totally not fair.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wnter is Here.'s been a few weeks. I survived Thanksgiving in the Midwest. I made some of mom's stuffing and hashbrown casserole to remind me of home. I think I single-handedly finished off the hashbrowns. They were good. You shouldn't waste that stuff.

Chad and I went Christmas Tree Hunting after Thanksgiving. My favorite family tradition is cutting down the Christmas Tree and I'm pretty bummed about missing it this year, but I think I'll make it. Chad and I didn't cut down the tree, but he was smart enough to know a fake tree wouldn't cut it. So we have a Home Depot tree. I'm sure my mom was horrified, but we won't make a habit of it. I couldn't deal with that.

So, Thanksgiving, trees, lots of Christmas candy, oh, and the snow is here. And I'm pretty sure it's here to stay for a while. It's been COLD the last few days. The lakes are frozen. The roads are slick. And I've learned a few things about snow (and COLD) that I didn't know before. Here's the list:
  • Eric Craine told me that when driving in the snow the one thing I need to know is to NOT drive like his wife. So, don't drive like Kara. Check.
  • You can't leave mascara in the car over night because the tube will freeze and frozen mascara doesn't work.
  • Don't brake going downhill, you'll end up in a ditch. Check. Don't drive like Kara. Check.
  • A lake has to be frozen at least two inches to walk on it, but most people won't go on it until it's been frozen for at least a week or two and they know it's a good four or five inches thick. Why didn't I know this? Because I hang out with the Katzenbergers and as soon as there is ice. They risk it. Sometimes with a four-wheeler.
  • While TOMS are great shoes, they don't have any traction.
  • Ice skating makes you sore like skiing makes you sore. Thing car accident pain.
  • Running in the snow isn't so bad. It's actually kind of nice. Until you reach a hill.
I'm sure as I drive off the roads and fall through lakes there will be more lessons to learn. I'll keep you posted. And seriously...I keep hearing myself saying really Minnesotan things. This morning I said "spose". Not good.