Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adult ADHD

I've been accused of hyper activity since I was a kid. It's true- I don't sit still real well. Even worse, when I am sitting still it just gives me a chance to scheme about all of the mischievious things I could be doing. This is how I, at nearly 27 years old, often find myself in trouble. This is why the idea of a desk job in a cube farm scares the crap out of me. 9-5 might as well be a death sentence. It's not that I'm opposed to work...I'm just opposed to...boring work. in the great north where unemployment is nearing 20-percent...I would work just about anywhere. I even considered McDonalds for a couple of days. At least it would give me something to write about. .

I'm not working under the Golden Arches. Not yet. But I did find a "job" that works well with my attention deficit issues.'s a couple of jobs. I started writing a few months ago for Causecast which is s GREAT organization that is geared toward creating practical ways to get people involved with the causes they believe in. I write on everything...seriously. EVERYTHING. From Bob Dylan to Nanosolar Power to Michael Moore. It's a real treat. Shameless plug for Causecast? Yes.

So the OTHER things I'm doing that I'm calling a job because it fills my day and gives me money is a Marketing Solutions gig...sounds like a load of crap. No, I'm not selling knives. It's actually a pretty cool deal. I work with Architectural firms and Construction companies to help them fulfill or recreate their mission and better market their services to their target audience. It's a real job. I swear. Crazy enough...I am actually using my degree. Not many people can say that.

So, it's a good deal. My days are full, my pockets are...filling up...sort of and I don't have to sit behind a desk all day. Life in the Middle is pretty good.


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