Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy crap. I spoke to soon.

It's snowing in May. Seriously. Son of a...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April showers better not bring May snow.

Now that it's May, I guess I should update. Since my last post I have officially survived winter. I deserve a medal. The sun is out most days. I have been wearing shorts for about the last six weeks. I'm still cold most of the time, but as long as there isn't snow on the ground- it's shorts and flip flops for me...even with my ghostly white legs. Whatever. I'm a Mexican. I will be tan in no time. Although I've heard it's harder to build a good base when you're 4,000 miles from the Equator. Crap.

My family was here last month. My brother, the pacifist had one request during his time in Minnesota. He wanted to shoot something. So he and my dad spent 4 hours shooting things (inanimate things) out of the air with Chad and his brothers. And as it turns out. My little brother, THE PACIFIST, is a crack shot. Maybe he should reconsider his conscientious objections.

When the fam got to town the snow was mostly melted, but the lakes were still thawing out. So brother Dan and I decided we would paddle our way out to the sheet of ice in the middle of Chad's parents' lake. It was freezing to say the least. Their time here reiterated to me how lucky my mom is that we did not grow up on a lake.

So, I started a new job. I'm still writing for Causecast, which is still Causecastic. But I am now the newest reporter for the Brainerd Dispatch. Yes, I have launched a career in traditional journalism. I'm the youngest writer LEAST ten years. So that's fun. I really like it. Writing for a small town newspaper. Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd do.
My first feature story is on my friend, Nate's band- Scatteredtrees. Crazy kids are giving their new album away for free. It's too good to pass up if you haven't downloaded it yet..what the heck are you waiting for!? Happy May Day.