Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Okay. Not Really. BUT...I wish that would be broadcasted across the airwaves on the first Wednesday of every month at 12:58 PM CST. Because what happens at 1 PM deserves fair warning.

I was driving in my car today on a long straight highway with no where to turn but into the woods and suddenly I hear a LOUD screaming siren. I am from California. If there are screaming sirens at anytime it means that the Cold War has turned into a Hot War and the Superpowers across the Pacific have come to blow us off the face of the Earth.

Naturally, sirens instill panic.

Knowing that, if the Russians were in fact attacking, I would have heard the news hours earlier (that's the one great things about living in the middle of the country- should we be attacked we are at least 6 hours from the action) and had plenty of time to prepare. Trying my hardest not to panic and drive into a ditch, I called Chad and calmly said, "I hear sirens. Should I be concerned?"

His reply: " It's Wednesday."

Right. Wednesday. That makes sense. He proceeds to tell me with very little fluctuation in his voice that they test the TORNADO SIRENS every first Wednesday of the month and it's nothing to be concerned about. So of course, I ask, just for my own assurance, what happens if there is an actual tornado on the first Wednesday of the month- then what?

Never thought of that did you, tornado siren testers.

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  1. oh how i like that... then everyone just gets swept away... i guess...