Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Go Time.

I remember exactly where I was when President Bush announced that we were going to war in was March 19, 2003 and I was in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport crowded around one of those hanging TVs with hundreds of other Americans. I watched as people reacted. Some with tears. Some with cheers. Some with anger. Some expressing betrayal. Some expressing hope. It was a moment. I remember it well.

Today, feels like that day. Except totally different...if that's possible. Today the Vikings play the Packers. Even if it's only in Minnesota and Wisconsin- people are getting ready for war. I could care less about football. I'm a soccer player. I prefer the beautiful game to the one with pads and helmets. But...I'm not exactly in a soccer loving community...the first time I told someone in Minnesota that I played soccer the response I got was, "On a table?" Yeah.

Anyway, as you may or may not have heard, depending on where you live this is either interrupt regularly scheduled programming breaking news or not news at all....Bret Favre is now a Viking. It's the ultimate betrayal. A Packer becomes a Viking. Wisconsin is pissed. Minnesota couldn't be happier. Everyone is anxious. Tonight will be telling- can the Vikings beat the Packers with Favre? Will the Packers fans be able to keep it together for 4 quarters without starting a drunken brawl of 60,000 angry midwesterners? Does it matter and do I care? No. Will I be watching? Heck yes. This is the best entertainment I've had since living in Minnesota. I'm watching the game with about 10 Minnesotans and 1 Sconi. That in itself will provide hours of excitement. So. Go Vikes? Ya, whatever. How many days until the World Cup? Too many.

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