Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've never lived anywhere that had a great baseball team...well, that's not entirely true. I lived in South Florida...but the Marlins weren't good until I left. In fact while I lived there, the Marlins had the lowest selling game in MLB history. Then I moved and they won the World Series. Go figure.

So now, I'm in Minnesota and the Twins are actually pretty good. Plus, my boyfriend is obsessed with baseball. I have watched (on TV AND in real life) more baseball games in the last 3 months that I have in my entire life. Don't tell Chad, but I'm kind of into it.

The Twins are playing their last few games in the Metro ballpark next year. They are a half a game behind Detroit going into the playoffs. I'm kind of ready for baseball season to be over...but kind of a fan. Kind of want to see them go on. Crap. What's happening to me. Baseball!?!? Really!?!?

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