Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Upgrade

I bought a new car last night. I have had my little Volkswagen Beetle since college and, while I do like it...mostly because of the blue interior lights, it was time for a change. My car is a stick and from what I hear, driving a stick shift in the snow can be...challenging. So I did what any Volkswagen owner would do...I bought a Jetta. I'm telling's the lights. Who doesn't want blue interior lights?

This is what I learned in the process...
1- All cars must be either all wheel drive or have the capacity to wear snow tires in the winter
2- You have to check any vehicle considered for purchase for rust damage. Apparently salt on the roads in the winter creates rust issues in the summer? I'm not totally sure.
3- No matter how much you LOVE driving a stick's just not worth it.
4- Air conditioning is optional
5- Practical, fuel efficient, economically sized vehicles are EASY to come by because if it doesn't haul, tow or blend in with the woods...most Minnesotans don't want it. Go figure.

So my new car (with no rust damage) and my old car (with no rust damage) are sitting in front of my house. It's quite symbolic. Maybe with this little Volksie I will get less speeding tickets? We'll see.

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