Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heads or Tails.

I feel like I probably need to explain how the heck I, a girl from Northern California, ended up moving to North Central Minnesota. Let me first preface by saying:

I am EXTREMELY independent...maybe too independent...maybe borderline feminist.

I am educated...two degrees in three years- thank you very much.

I have BIG goals.

I vote. I recycle. I think for myself...again...maybe too much.

So when I say, I moved to Minnesota for a BOY...don't judge me. I did. It's true. I moved for love. I like to tell people we flipped a coin and I lost, but the truth is- we didn't. We just decided someone had to do it and it might as well be me.

It makes me neither weak nor mindless (I say that more for my own reassurance than yours...whoever you are). It was strategy. I am going somewhere with this crazy move. I'm almost positive.

Here's the story:

My best friend, Ryan 's sister had a kid from Illinois living at her house who had a friend from Minnesota that they decided the wanted to set up with Ryan. You may want to read that again. It gets tricky...I maybe draw up a flow chart. So they did. Like...two months later (maybe it was a year) they get married and then Ryan, meets Chad (my boyfriend) while she is visiting her husband's family in Minnesota.

Ryan thinks Chad is wonderful... comes home to California and decides she is going to play match maker. Chad and I eventually meet but don't date. Six months later Chad contacts me...we become friends....three months later he decides he can't live without me and we decide to date long distance until I can eventually convince him to move to California and... two years later here I am living in Brainerd, Minnesota. Have you seen Fargo? Yeah.

So Ryan's plan may have backfired slightly...but at least it gives me something to write about. I'm not a supporter of cyber-PDA so I'll spare the details of how wonderful Chad is (he is), but let's just say I moved because...he's just that great and I didn't want to spend another minute away from him. I know...blah, blah, blah. So now I brave sub-zero winters and Mosquito infested summers...for love.

BUT...I'm not THAT girl. I swear. It's all about strategy.


  1. Yes!!! I believe in the strategy too!!! I hope Chad never sees this :)

  2. Well that explains it!! :) I hope Minnesota is treating you well, sounds like its adjusting to Ms Sarah Nelson. So happy for you!!