Friday, June 4, 2010

Local Yocal.

Aww crap. This is not good. It's June what...FOURTH. School is out for the summer. The weather is beautiful. It's even abnormally amazing for Northern Minnesota this time of year. I should be elated. It's everything I've waited all winter for. And I find myself a bit hostile.

You want to know why? It's because my painfully boring little town in Minnesota is bursting at it's seams with tourists. Cidiots is what we call them. We being everyone else. I refuse to say it because I feel like I'm somehow betraying my urban roots...even though my City is in a completely different time zone.

They are like ants. As soon as the weather turns sweet they overrun the Lakes area and take over the roads, the restaurants, even MY coffee shop (where I don't actually drink coffee) is plagued by a stifling number of urbanites.
It makes me cranky. My 4 minute commute has grown to at least 12 minutes. Ugh. I just want them to take their dumb boats and their eco-unfriendly Escalades and go back to Urbania.

Believe me - I'm shocked by my attitude too. Who would have thought I would be counting the days til winter. Do me a favor, when it starts snowing and I glaze over at the thought of six straight months of ice and snow DO NOT remind me of this moment. I don't need any "I told you so"s.

Counting the days til winter...

I know. I am a walking conundrum.

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